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What are close-ended mutual fund schemes?Shrink11406
What are Balanced Schemes?Shrink11437
Should you evaluate past performance, and look for consistencyShrink11396
Mutual funds provide risk diversificationShrink11428
Kindly suggest if arbitrage funds are ok for earning high returns with low riskShrink11324
Is it good to buy a fund just before it goes ex-dividend?Shrink1701
If schemes in the same category of different mutual funds are available, should Shrink1540
If mutual fund scheme is wound up, what happens to money invested?Shrink1447
Ideally how many different schemes should one invest in?Shrink1429
How will an investor come to know about the changes, if any, which may occur in Shrink1359
How do you select a mutual fund scheme?Shrink1366
How do you evaluate mutual funds performance?Shrink1382
How can the investors redress their complaints?Shrink1387
How are mutual funds regulated?Shrink1370
Do mutual funds offer a periodic investment plan?Shrink1385
Do any mutual funds invest in both stocks and bonds?Shrink1384
Can an investor appoint a nominee for his investment in units of a mutual fund?Shrink1401
Can a mutual fund impose fresh load or increase the load beyond the level mentioShrink1369
Can a mutual fund change the nature of the scheme from the one specified in the Shrink1352
Can a mutual fund change the asset allocation while deploying funds of investorsShrink1397
Are investments in mutual funds liquid?Shrink1359
Are investments in mutual fund units risk-free or safe?Shrink1369
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